Loma Linda University Medical Center

United States

The 11-story Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC) opened on July 9, 1967. Nearly 900 beds are available for patient care. LLUMC operates some of the largest clinical programs in the United States in areas such as neonatal care and outpatient surgery and is recognized as the international leader in infant heart transplantation and proton treatments for cancer. Each year, the institution admits more than 33,000 inpatients and serves roughly half a million outpatients.

Each year hundreds of patients from all over the world travel to Loma Linda, California to receive exceptional medical care. In recognition and appreciation of the diverse cultures we serve, a designated department was established at LLUMC to address the needs of our international patients.

International Patient Services is here to help you access the many specialty services provided by LLUMC. Our internationally acclaimed programs include the Proton Treatment Center, the Cancer Center, the International Heart Institute, and many others.

International Patient Services will ensure you receive the best care possible. We coordinate all aspects of international patients' clinical care, housing, finances, and billing. We will meet you at the airport, provide an interpreter, arrange for transportation, and accompany you to your first medical appointment.



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