City of Hope

United States

For more than 100 years, City of Hope has been making a difference in the lives of people with cancer and diabetes. Our legacy of leading-edge research, successful treatments, innovative clinical trials and compassionate care has made us one of the most highly regarded cancer centers in the world.

Why choose City of Hope?

  • We treat all cancers including those commonly found in Chinese patients: lung, breast, stomach, liver, colorectal, nasopharyngeal and blood cancer

  • We have the top rated bone marrow transplant program in the United States

  • We are among the worldwide leaders in clinical trials, which allow patients to benefit from the innovative treatments available

  • We have the largest and most successful robotic surgery program in the United States with superior outcomes

  • City of Hope is a leader in studying the genetic causes of diseases to develop new diagnostic tests and therapies

  • We provide compassionate and patient-centric care to our patients, offering favorable patient-to-nurse ratio compared to other hospitals

City of Hope’s 100+ acre garden-filled campus is located in Southern California in the heart of a large Asian-American community. The Center for International Medicine is your point of contact. We coordinate services for international patients, and develop collaborations with public and private organizations to deliver services in China.



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